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What kind of information does MileTracker get?

MileTracker aggregates your frequent flier program and other online loyalty program account information. This includes:

  • current miles, points, or other credit status
  • summary of all accounts
  • recent activity (for those accounts offered online)
  • elite level status (for those accounts offered online)
  • one-click navigation links to the "host" web pages and other online frequent flier information

How does it work?

MileTracker works like a typical web site has functionality to navigate to various loyalty program web sites and automatically insert your log-in information for each of your accounts.

Your account data (account numbers, usernames, passwords, and/or PINS (personal identification numbers) is stored in your profile, where it resides securely encrypted on the servers. Once it has been entered in MileTracker you should never need to do so again.

When you log- in to and tell it to display or update your accounts, it automatically and simultaneously goes to all the accounts your have listed in your profile, inserts your personal information required for each account, and retrieves the account data to be viewed on your computer desktop. The entire process takes only seconds (depending on your Internet connection speed).

MileTracker saves you minutes to hours each time you check your accounts - beats the heck out of checking them one-by one!

What does it cost?

MileTracker is Free.

Why should I use it?

MileTracker saves you huge amounts of time, making your Internet experience faster and more enjoyable. It avoids the necessity of scrolling through multiple web pages, and remembering and inserting your proprietary data to get to what you want.

Does the application access any web site I want?

No. It is pre-programmed to gather specific information from specific web sites. This currently includes the web sites of over 100 frequent flier and other loyalty program sites.

Can I maintain the accounts of several people in MileTracker?

Yes, you can have multiple accounts in MileTracker and it will track each person's accounts.

If I am a previous MileTracker user, will I have to re-enter all my account data?

No, the MileTracker web site can import your data files directly from your computer. Simply follow the instructions on the web site.

How do I get my previous MileTracker data into the web-based MileTracker?

When you first use the web site, we will ask if you have previously used MileTracker. Simply follow the online prompts to browse to the appropriate files required for to function properly. will then pull in your previous account data. The file you will be looking for is c://program files/miletracker/settings.

If you still experience a problem, please contact us at We will respond quickly.

What additional functionality is planned for the future?

  • Other loyalty sites, as they become available online.
  • We may also consider the addition of other features.

Can I use the application on more than one computer?

Yes. MileTracker can be used on any computer with Internet access and an Internet browser. Simply log-in to and enter your username and password.

How can I communicate with you?

Contact us via e-mail at We will respond quickly.

Why do I need usernames, passwords, or personal identification numbers (PINs) to access my MileTracker loyalty account summary?

Each loyalty program requires specific proof of identity as a security measure before allowing you access to your account online. Since MileTracker retrieves this information from your personal profile and automatically inserts it into the proper place on the related web site to complete your retrieval, you must have previously obtained your username, password, and/or personal identification number from the host site (i.e. Delta, Hilton, e-Rewards, etc.).

Where and how do I get loyalty program usernames, passwords, or personal identification numbers (PINs)?

If you need to sign up and get a web site PIN or password, we have provided a link to each program. Take the following actions:

  • While connected to the Internet, click the Profile button in MileTracker.
  • Click the "Programs" tab.
  • Select the program name in the list of programs.
  • Click the "Link to Traveler Program web Site" link.
  • A browser window will open with the Program personal identification access requirements for that program.
  • After obtaining that information, enter it into the MileTracker profile for quick and easy future retrievals of your account summaries.

NOTE: Some programs require that you receive your PIN or Password by mail. This may take up to a week. But once it is entered into MileTracker, it is permanently stored in one convenient place with all other frequency program data.

Do you collect usage statistics by users of MileTracker, and if so, what is done with this information?

DeskPort Technologies collects anonymous usage statistics. We use these to understand usage trends, such as how many people used this month, how many web searches were performed through MileTracker, which programs were the most popular, or how many times users looked up programs in a day. Such anonymous aggregate application usage data may be used by DeskPort Technologies in accordance with its privacy policy, and may be shared with and used by and other third parties in accordance with their own privacy policies. DeskPort Technologies also may collect and store your email address and any other personally identifiable information that you voluntarily supply while registering for or downloading the MileTracker application or in responding, via e-mail or otherwise, to a communication from DeskPort Technologies. DeskPort Technologies may use this information in accordance with its privacy policy, and may share this information with and other third parties for their use in accordance with their own privacy policies. For more information on how DeskPort Technologies may use and share your information, see our privacy policy.

Is my loyalty account information secure?

Yes. All information is encrypted and is never sent to any third-party server, except during the process of retrieving the data you have requested via the application.

How secure is my data?

Your data is encrypted to the same standards that most banks use to protect your financial data, and is maintained securely on the MileTracker server. It can be accessed only through use of your MileTracker Username and Password. We recommend you exercise caution when allowing others access to your MileTracker Username or Password.

Is my data on encrypted?

The MileTracker servers use 128-bit encryption to store preferences and the latest standard security protocols to execute transactions over the Internet.

What do you do with my loyalty program information?

MileTracker uses your loyalty account information to automatically insert in the appropriate web sites during data retrieval. Otherwise, it remains securely encrypted on the MileTracker servers, as described above. See our privacy policy for more details.

Who has access to my loyalty program account data?

Your profile is encrypted and stored securely on the server. Only you or someone to whom you provide your MileTracker account log-in information will have access to this information.

What is your privacy policy?

View our Privacy Policy.

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